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Client Testimonials

Marley B.

"Rachele has worked on two of my horses over the course of a year and I can feel the difference each time they get done. Both are super relaxed during each ride and very happy to work. Rayo has been returning from a broken coffin bone, and with bodywork and Rachele's attention to details, he is returning stronger and happier than ever!"

Mara M.

"I am so glad to have found Mito’s Elite Equine Services for my horses!
I run a small riding lesson program and my horses are often teaching multiple beginner students a day.
Rachele’s massage technique and her vast amount of knowledge helps to keep my horses feeling their best!"

Kelsie C.


"I can’t recommend this service enough!! I’ve been battling poll issues with my mare for a bit now due to an old injury she received before I purchased her. I just hadn’t found the right thing to help her, until I found Mito’s Elite Equine. She not only has given my mare a new outlook on life with helping adjust her poll, but she has helped ease my struggle! Rachele gave me wonderful suggestions on moving forward, she was very willing to show me what steps she was taking, all while walking me through the process! Highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Rachele to help keep your equine athlete happy and relaxed!" 

Marcia S.

Rachele has become a valued member of my horse's family and "support team". Bohem is getting up in age but is still quite active. He loves Rachele's attention and always feels free and relaxed after a session.
As his person, I appreciate Rachele's reminders, commentary and timeliness of sessions.

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